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Our Bouquet of Services

With an extensive experience in insurance, audits and risk domains, we would be able to assist you in different ways.

KPO Service


Our Knowledge Process Outsourcing (K.P.O.) services include comprehensive assessment services backed by Operations Support, Medical Tests and Interpretation Support, Digital Investigations, Telecalling / Video Solutions, Actuarial & Lawyer Assistance to streamline your operations.

Risk Assessment


Whether it is Profile & KYC Assessment or Digital Verification of Profile Risk or Financial Underwriting or Medical Underwriting or Complex Claims Assessment or Medico-Legal assessment or Investigation Assessment to Reinsurance Support services, we do it all.

Audits & Reviews


When we do a fair review of your Quality Controls or Process Reviews or technical risk assessment reviews, we take a pragmatic approach that carefully balances your business needs and Risk Management practices

Our Insure-Tech Solutions

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